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Sell Products Online and Earn More!

Give "Click and Buy" products to all your agents
goagents is a cloud-based service for groups of agents, offering numerous online products and new markets for appointed agents of MGAs, carriers, associations, and companies to offer their clients.
“New Revenue Source—
With a Click!“

In partnership with a growing list of some of the largest providers of insurance and warranty products in the world, goagents.com offers custom packages of products to boost agents' offerings, increase membership and retention, and build agency revenues. goagents.com also offers a dashboard complete with the latest easy-to-use analytical tools and password-level access to analyze agents' production, help cross-sell instantly, and more.

ADDED VALUE: Your participation in goagents.com also provides access to personalized agent pages and individual consumer portals for your agents' websites, if you desire, allowing visitors to those sites to quote and buy your products and/or those of other providers online directly from the agent's site day or night.

Technology for the goagents platform is provided by ClickAndBind.

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Offer Your Products Online and/or
Products from Other Providers
Sell Your Products Online
With the goagents.com platform developed by ClickAndBind Agents can purchase multiple products on behalf of their customers or allow customers to learn, quote, and purchase online themselves from the agent’s site.

Provide Additional Products
Just want to add value to your agency force? Offer additional products from other quality providers for your agents to sell online and increase their revenues.

Add New Distribution Channel
Today’s consumers want options, and they want them fast and on their time. Providers struggle with how to offer products online without disrupting their current systems and methods. With goagents.com, YOU decide what products appear for your agents to sell. You decide what products appear also on your agents’ consumer portal, allowing their customers to learn, quote, and buy online any time from their agent. That way you can provide an online distribution platform for your agents quickly, easily, and economically without disrupting or conflicting with your current channels.

Utilize an Expanded Sales Force
We provide a platform for thousands of independent and captive agents across the country to sell a growing suite of online products from multiple carriers (personal and commercial lines, specialty products, E&S products) to their customers. Sell your products through other independent agent groups, if desired: You decide whether you want any of your products added to that growing suite of products available for goagents.com subscribers to sell to their customer base.

Private Label
We can private label a version our platform and brand it for you. That way you can provide an online distribution platform for your agents quickly, easily, and economically without disrupting or conflicting with your current channels. You can customize what products (from your company and/or from another provider) are offered on your branded portal and how agents and consumers may interact with those products.

Outsource the Technology Work
If your products aren’t already programmed for online delivery, we provide that function. If you don’t have a rating engine in place, WE build one for you. We have more than a dozen years of experience programming myriad insurance and related products for online delivery for numerous providers. Our programmers are the industry’s experts in programming products to be sold online, in developing real time rating engines, and creating consumer and agent interfaces.